Best Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in August 2020

*The article is updated on 9th August 2020

Fixed deposits are one most popular investment options in India due to its low-risk and guaranteed returns features.

With tenure ranging from 7 days to 10 years, fixed deposits are the best option to keep your idle cash. The interest rates offered are also way higher than your savings bank deposits, which offer a meagre 2-3% on deposits.

Nowadays, apart from scheduled commercial banks, you can open an FD account in small finance bank, housing finance company and NBFCs and earn higher interest rates.

So, let’s look at the best-fixed deposit interest rates offered by banks and different financial institutions.

Best Fixed Deposit Interest Rates – August 2020

Scheduled Commercial Banks

The below table combines the FD rates offered by both public sector and private sector banks. The fixed deposits issued by banks are considered the safest and offers many benefits to investors.

Bank Name1 year2 year 3 year 5 yearAdditional Interest Rate for Senior Citizens
IDFC First Bank
Bandhan Bank
HDFC Bank5.
ICICI Bank55.155.355.500.5- 0.8
Bank of India5.355.25 0.75
State Bank of India5.1
5.1 0.8
Bank of Baroda5.1
5.1 1

Housing Finance Company

Housing finance companies (HFC) also issues fixed deposits to the public at an attractive rate. They offer both cumulative and non-cumulative FD options. The FD tenure ranges from 12 – 120 months.

Housing Finance Companies1 year2 year3 year5 year Additional Interest Rate for Senior Citizens
PNB Housing Finance
LIC Housing Finance
ICICI Home Finance

Corporate Fixed Deposits

The Corporate FDs are generally issued by NBFCs involved in the business of lending. They are also known for providing a higher interest rate on deposits.

NBFC Name1 year2 year3 year5 yearAdditional Interest Rate for Senior Citizens
Shriram Transport Finance Company
Mahindra Finance
Bajaj Finance

Small Finance Banks

Small finance banks also offer the option of opening a fixed deposit account with them. They offer an attractive interest rate, higher than scheduled commercial banks.

Small Finance Banks1 year2 year3 year5 yearAdditional Interest Rate for Senior Citizens
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank7.7587.757.750.5
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Limited7.257.57.7590.25-0.5
AU Small Finance Bank677.2570.5

Final Words

When opening an FD account, use FD calculator to calculate returns and decide on the tenure of your fixed deposits. Also, you should note, while opening a new FD account with NBFCs, small finance banks or HFCs, check the credit rating of the instruments. Those rated negative or have low rating should be avoided, even if FD rates offered are higher.

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