7 Free Financial Tools and Calculators Available Online to Investors

Over the years, the investing space has gone through some massive technological disruptions, which has allowed investors greater freedom to choose and manage all their investment on their own. In fact, technology has helped millions of Indian investors to get comfortable with risk-based investments which has helped in the advancement of mutual fund sector.

For investors, technology has enabled access to real-time information and different financial tools and calculators. It has helped them to become self-reliant in financial planning and taking investment decisions on their own.

This blog will focus on different Free Financial Tools and Calculators available online, which every investor should know and use to shape up their financial and investment plan.

SIP Calculator

SIP Calculator is the most used calculator of the mutual fund sector. It shows you, how much your small investments done at a regular interval would yield over the long term.

Here, you need to feed in your monthly investment amount, tenure of investment, and expected rate of return to arrive at an estimated maturity value.

Through this calculator, an investor can check past SIP returns percentage of a particular fund, and get an idea of the future performance of the mutual fund. Almost every mutual fund house offers the free SIP Calculator feature on their website.

Risk Analysis Calculator

Every individual has a distinct risk-tolerance level and should maintain his/her investments matching that risk-tolerance level.

Conducting a risk profile analysis helps you to know your behaviour towards risks, allows undertaking the right investment decision, achieve the investment objective effectively with least deviations.

A Risk Analysis Calculator is nothing but is a scientifically designed questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance capability. It factors in information such as your age, income, no. of dependents, job security and health condition.

You can use the LIC MF Risk Analyser to understand your risk appetite.

Retirement Calculator

This calculator helps you to estimate, how much income you need to save for a smooth and hassle-free retirement life.

It factors in information like:

  • Current Age
  • Retirement Age
  • Current Income Level
  • Desired Retirement Kitty
  • Current Total Savings
  • Monthly Savings towards Retirement
  • Expected Inflation

Some calculator will also ask for your monthly expense breakup, to arrive at a more accurate result.

HDFC Life Retirement Planning Calculator 

PPF Calculator

PPF Calculator helps you calculate PPF maturity value, interest earned, loan against PPF balance and partial withdrawal allowed against PPF balance.

The calculator will also show you year-wise PPF balance, till 15th year.

You can use the LIC MF PPF Calculator feature to know PPR Returns, PPF Balance Withdrawal and Loan against PPF balance for your existing PPF account.

Loan EMI Calculator

Loan EMI calculator helps you to understand the quantum of EMI for the loan taken under different time period and plan your monthly budget accordingly. It also shows, how much will be your total interest payable towards the loan at the end of the period.

You need to feed in Loan Amount, Interest Rate, and the tenure of loan repayment. You can check the Loan EMI calculator at ICICI Bank Home Loan EMI calculator.

Recurring Deposit & Fixed Deposit Calculator

Calculating the interest component of a recurring and fixed deposit account is very complex, and one struggles to get the right value. The Recurring Deposit (RD) and Fixed Deposit (FD) calculator help you to calculate both the interest component and determine the future value of your RD and FD accounts.

Following is the link of RD and FD calculator:



Goal Calculator

The goal calculator helps with determining the right investment amount you need to put in every month to reach your goal.

It can be used to calculate and plan for your every short and long term financial goals, be it for child’s education or marriage or retirement or short term goals like funding for vacation etc.

The goal calculator will factor in the following data:

  • Your goal cost at the current date
  • Time-frame to reach the goal
  • Current savings
  • Monthly savings
  • Expected annual returns on investment
  • Expected annual inflation rate

You can use any of the following Financial goal planner cum calculators to have a detailed plan for all your life event.

LIC Mutual Fund Goal Calculator

ICICI Bank Financial Planner


There are many more financial tools and calculators available online, which you can use to plan and manage your finances. But, above is the seven common financial tools and calculator used for financial management and explore different scenarios, through which you can maximise your returns.